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Question about new grill..

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The grill on den Golf has finally bought it. All of the clips are damaged and it falls off periodically. How embarassing!

Anyway, I am thinking that a nice aftermarket one would be good, but what is included with them? Does the grill include the strip that goes under the headlamps? Where is a good place to look at various grills online? My husband will want to know what I plan on doing to his car.
Thank you!
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Re: Question about new grill.. (atomicalex)

my kamei is one piece, and i think most are. the filler strip on the bottom is almost always just eliminated, molded into the new grille. it depends though, i haven't disected too many grilles lately
as far as clips and stuff, that should all be included, but the catalog/website or wherever you get it will explain that.
good luck
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