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question about strange type of coolant

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i live in las vegas and my air conditioner doesent seem to be working very good at all lately, ( i know it could just be the 110 heat) but i was at a performance shop and found some special stuff that you put in your radiator and it helps keep your air conditioning blowing colder. It says to drain radiator and put 2 cans of this stuff and just water, no antifreeze. should this be ok? A couple years ago i used some stuff called 40' below, some stuff that actually did work in bringing the running temp of my moms truck down to an acceptable level, so i am pretty sure the company isnt all lies, just wondeirng what everyone thought.
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Re: question about strange type of coolant (black97jettagt)

VW is very specific that any coolant you use must be..."Silicate/Phosphate Free"....so if you see that specific info on the coolant you're lookin at...go for it ....but you must really flush out system good if you're changin coolant brand/type otherwise you risk compatibility probs ....precipation/clogging of system! I flushed my system three times with water then refill with coolant/distilled water mix three times to make sure all the old is out and the new is at correct concentration.
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