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Question about the MQ350's max torque...

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Mated to the 1.8T is the all-new MQ350 six-speed transmission first introduced here in the New Beetle Turbo S and soon to be introduced with the new 24v VR6 models. M stands for manual, Q for transverse installation and 350 for the maximum transferable torque of 350 Newton meters or 258 lb./ft of torque.[HR][/HR]​
Is the 258 at the wheels or is that an SAE rating? If you chipped the DE and hit 230 lb./ft. at the wheels (saw that number in the Tech forums...), add 15% drivetrain loss to that, that's 264.5 lb. ft. SAE. Just a tad bit over the 258 max.
I'm I reading the article correctly? Would a tuner have to come up with a "de-tuned" chip just for the DE 6MT? Does this mean no K0-4 upgrades?
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Re: Question about the MQ350's max torque... (droidekaus)

Supposedly the current five-speed transmission (O2J) is only good for 220 lb/ft of torque. Yet lots of people have chipped cars running quite a bit more than that with no problems. The new MQ350 is quite a bit higher than that.
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