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question about the two round stickers on euro plates

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one is a black bird thingy
the other is like a dial with numbers on it
where do they go on the plate and what do they mean?
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Re: question about the two round stickers on euro plates (Chapel)

This is only for German plates. French, UK or other Euro plates don´t have these stickers.
Good let´s stick to the German plate:

First there is the bigger sticker (the one you said with the bird on it).
It´s the general registration seal. Since the introduction of the Euro plate (as in the pic above), it´s colored and shows the seal of the state where car is registered. The text on it names the city or county where the car is registered.
On the older plates it was black/white and showed the coat of arms of the city/county where the car is registred. The older one look like this:

The other sticker is either round or hexagonal. The round one goes on the rear plate and it shows the date of the the next technical inspection. In the center it shows the year (every year the color changes, too) and on the rim of it the months (1-12). The number that is pointing north (sorry couldn´t find a better term) indicates the month of the next technical inspection. We call it the "TÜV-Plakette".

The hexagonal sticker goes on the front plate and it has the same numbers on it than the round one. It indicates the date for the next emission test.
It´s usually the same color as the round one, because both inspection and emission test are done at the same time. We call this sticker the "AU-Plakette".

Here´s a list of the colors and the corresponding years:
2005: (that´s what the new cars registered this year got on them) the list starts with pink again.
Emmision test and technical inspection have to be renewed after three years when the car is new, and then every other year (you get a new sticker then).

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