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Question about the V10 in the Phaeton

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Many people here seem to believe that they will sell this car here with the Diesel as an option. HOW?? They refuse to sell a TDI in the Passat because they think the 90HP is not matched will with the size of it. Also, they can't get anything other than a 90HP TDI over here because the fuel would destroy the injectors. Can someone please explain this to me?
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Re: Question about the V10 in the Phaeton (benares)

Well, the V10 might not be offered in the US until 2006 (when we get low-sulfer Diesel).
If it does come sooner, it will come without Pumpe Düse, giving it ~250hp instead of 313hp, and then in 2006 it will recieve PD.
Re: Question about the V10 in the Phaeton (duZt)

quote:[HR][/HR]huh? the V10TDi HAS PD!!!! and 313hp!!! where did you get the fact he would only get 250hp (vw would never do that; an engine with such low hp/l that is...)

we in europe already changed to sulfer-free diesel... so it's not a problem here...

and btw sulfer-diesel isn't bad for the PD, cuz we here already drove those engines before the low-sulfer-diesel was introduced...

I know that it has PD because it says so on the German Volkswagen website (http://www.vw-online.de/).
250hp is an estimate of what the engine would have if the PD was removed.
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