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Question about the V10 in the Phaeton

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Many people here seem to believe that they will sell this car here with the Diesel as an option. HOW?? They refuse to sell a TDI in the Passat because they think the 90HP is not matched will with the size of it. Also, they can't get anything other than a 90HP TDI over here because the fuel would destroy the injectors. Can someone please explain this to me?
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Re: Question about the V10 in the Phaeton (benares)

huh? the V10TDi HAS PD!!!! and 313hp!!! where did you get the fact he would only get 250hp (vw would never do that; an engine with such low hp/l that is...)

we in europe already changed to sulfer-free diesel... so it's not a problem here...

and btw sulfer-diesel isn't bad for the PD, cuz we here already drove those engines before the low-sulfer-diesel was introduced...
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Re: Question about the V10 in the Phaeton (candyweißpassat)

quote:[HR][/HR]250hp is an estimate of what the engine would have if the PD was removed.[HR][/HR]​

if they would remove it (but they NEVER will), they would change it to a common-rail(2nd generation)...
btw: read somewhere the 3.3V8TDi from audi would change it's size to 4.0 & CR2 would be used givin' it lots of HP (over 250...)... anyone read somethin' bout that?
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