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Question!! Help!

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Does anyone know what the normal oil temp on the g60 C is??
Here is my problem I go out run the car for about 15min ..It gets 200+ oil temp..
then I turn it off ...and then try to restart and it turns but dosent want to start..so I let it sit and cool off and then it starts...anyone ever heard of this???help please.
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Re: Question!! Help! (GKONYA)

Can't answer what normal would be, but on my G60 intown drivng (stop & go) I hit upto 216, but if I drive on the highway, it goes down to about 184 or so with water temps at about 165-175. That is with outside temps in the bottom 100's.
The question is this does you after fan turn on? It should tunr on and allow the engine to cool down some, but more importantly it should recirculate you gas back to the fuel tank so that you will not get, what used to be called "vapor lock" which makes it hard to start your engine if the fuel is too hot. Someone please correct me if I am wrong here, as I am out on a limb, and know that used to be the case with my Audi turbo......
Re: Question!! Help! (TexasCorradoG60)

Vapor Lock??? never thought of that!! Like I said after it cools off its fine..
Re: Question!! Help! (GKONYA)

Thanks for the advice!!
Re: Question!! Help! (GKONYA)

hmmm i didnt read the other reply but sounds like bad starter to me
they get hot and as we all know, heat + copper motor armature windings = higher resistance = slow crank or no crank.
i see 232 deg f on highway usually whether it is 95 or 65 deg f out http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
OR I re-read the post and realize that I am a complete idiot because you said it turns
check and make sure your getting fuel http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif and the resitance thing still stands
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