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Question on suspension set ups. (Or what would you do ifyou had my money)

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Let me give you some back story.
My car currently has Tokiko Illuminatia suspension. They are 5 way adj. and the springs bring it down about 1.5 inches.
Those are blown. Previous owner. ( Need I say any more?)
I am buying a new set up. I need some help deciding what I should do.
Should I get the Tokikos again? for 485 from pottermans?
Or go with the H&R cup kit for 550?
Decisions, decisions

Any help would be appreciated.
BTW I like to drive enthusiastically.

Modified by Cabe07 at 12:00 PM 7-3-2003
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Re: Question on suspension set ups. (Cabe07)

Check out Weitec they sell complete setup for under $400 i have
the 60/40 kit and i love it. it rides better than my Koni adjustables
and neuspeed springs i used to have
Re: Question on suspension set ups. (VDUBLUVENTO)

IMHO - SRS springs with Bistein HDs
Ooops - did I spend THAT much on a beater

Oh yeah - it dont lower the car much - maybe 3/4" or so?
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How's the handling with the weitec 60/40? I've been hearing good things, and it's starting to look better than the cup kit to me...
Re: (yem_icculus)

Since you already have the springs why not just get the new struts and shocks?
Re: Question on suspension set ups. (Cabe07)

check out shox.com, I think the illumina setup is cheaper there if you decide to stay with it. I just put illumina's with an eibach pro kit on my 89, (also g60 11" upgrade, 17x7's w yoko parada's) thing handles like crazy now...it's only downfall is if you like em slammed, this aint it. more so with the shine setup, but the shine setup is definitely real high quality and worth checking out as well...
i dunno...if you can afford it, go with h+r coils...
Re: (Swollen)

Well the springs that are on there don't look to nice. Plus I am thinking that I might want to go a bit lower. I'm not to sure.
I have heard awsome things about the Cup kit.
But waht about those Weiteks? I have never heard of them. Anybody got a link?
I'm running a Spax 60/40 kit, the entire kit shocks/struts/springs cost me 281$ and it rides and handles great.
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