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Question on tools to pull plug wires

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What is the best tool to use to pull the spark plug wires.? it seems that the stupid plastic puller does not work that well and it seem to be strip in the few attempts a did. Any info is welcome. Thanks in advance.
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Re: Question on tools to pull plug wires (dfvvr6)

my plastic tool broke.. if the engine is warm at all when you're pulling with it, the plastic starts to bend.. so... i bought the metal one.. it slips on much easier than the plastic one, and you "know" when there is a solid connection made.. germanautoparts.com has one for $39: http://www.germanautoparts.com/main2.php?action=Tools&input[model%

i didn't get mine there, but the one i have is similar, only it has a T bar handle welded onto it instead of that blue thing...
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Re: Question on tools to pull plug wires (dfvvr6)

The metal puller with the blue plastic top is a factory vw part (that's the one I have, well worth the money!). I believe the one beenana has is the Techtonics unit. I don't think you could go wrong with either unit...
Re: Question on tools to pull plug wires (bigpoppavr6)

You can get the OEM plastic puller from the dealership for like $13, or you can spend $40 for the metal one. But really, how often are you going to be doing your plugs? Save the extra cash for some
or something!
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Re: Question on tools to pull plug wires (germanrox)

My plastic one broke after I pulled 3 plug wires off. It's a pain in the butt to get those suckers off without the tool. If you're gonna have the car for awhile buy the metal one.
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