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Bigger Turbo, Old Turbo, DP Question????

I' ve been thinking about getting a 3" DP for my Golf, but I also want to get a bigger Turbo later on, within this year. Now will I be able to buy a DP that will fit my turbo now and a bigger turbo later on, or will I have to buy a new DP with the new turbo kit?
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Re: Bigger Turbo, Old Turbo, DP Question???? (2slow4u)

Down pipes for K03 will fit K04.
They however will not fit other turbo's. Kits that need new down-pipes will most likely come with them. Example the StageIII kit comes with one to fit the Garrett...
I heard some mention of a downpipe with adapters, then someone said the wouldn't be possible due to different outlets for different turbos. I'm thinking heard this at the APR-BBQ, but regardless that's the deal..
You probably wouldn't have any trouble selling the downpipe when you upgrade.
Re: Bigger Turbo, Old Turbo, DP Question???? (smd3)

Thanks, this is what I was thinking.
Re: Bigger Turbo, Old Turbo, DP Question???? (2slow4u)

depends what kind of turbo you get. ATP's DP fits the stock turbo and turbonetic turbos. I'm assuming it'll fit other turbos too.
Even if it doesn't, you can't get a custom flange made so it'll fit the turbo. Shouldn't cost to much.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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