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Hi, ive got a 2008 Rabbit S 2door. i have the standard radio with single disc and the oem ipod adapter. im trying to upgrade to the 6 disc radio with a larger display. ive contacted vw and they gave me a part number but the dealerships have a different part number. can anyone clarify the difference between the two part numbers i have. im looking for the radio that is standard in the GTI or 4 Door golf. not the amplified optional system on the GTI. supposedly my radio ends in a "D" that is currently in my rabbit.
1K0035180C and the other part number is 1K0035180H
the c radio is supposedly 200-300 dollars and the h is 600-700. is it infact the same radio with 6 disc changer built in? or is there a difference (rds or ipod playlist shows up and mp3 ability)
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