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Questions about 97 Jetta VR6...

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Hi ...
I just got a used car, and run into few problems.
1. For the passenger side turning signal , it does not light even with new bulb. What can be wrong with it ?
2. Under the hood by the coolant overflow there are two fuses , what are those for? And one fuse blown and metal strip from screw to screw is broken...
3.Every time when I turn engine off , under thr hood makes some hiss type sound

May be some one can help me with those questions , thankyou
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Re: Questions about 97 Jetta VR6... (whitney97GLX)

under the hood there is not a hissing sound, you have a mechanical water pump that runs by belt when the engine is on, after you turn the car off, if it is hott you have a secondard coolant pump that is electric to keep flowing coolant after the engine is shut down to aid in proper cool down of the engine. This secondard pump is what you are hearing. Its at the top back of the motor on the driver's side. The only other noise you could possibly hear is a throttle body alignment which happens if you put the key in the on position and dont start the car, for about 20 seconds the throttle body will align itself.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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