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Questions about BAE Turbo kits and CIS cars

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Hey all... Just bought a system from BAE that uses a rayjay turbo... Anyone know where I can find more info on this stuff and parts for the kit???
Can I just slap it on a CIS-e car at 6psi and no intercooler?? What will provide sufficient fueling for this kit???
Any other helpful hints or tricks would be great!!!!!
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Re: Questions about BAE Turbo kits and CIS cars (AdidasCU)

In real basic terms (yes) .
You can run this system without an cooler, the industry states that coolers are a plus when running more than 12 pounds of boost, that's not to say that one would not help your low boost kit or any other.
you have to understand that a cooler will cause a small drop in boost because of the extra path the air must travel.
As for the fuel your cis-e system is very easy to get more fuel from because it's all mecanical.

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