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My dad picked up a Cerwin Vega XL-10D sub at a garage sale. The couple he bought it off FOUND it in their basement and had no idea what it was worth, and ended up GIVING it to my Dad - go figure.
I suspect it's garbage, but I figure I'll try and look into this incase it's still good.
I've tried looking up information on the sub on the internet to no avail. The questions I have are as follows:
- Where is a good place to get info on this thing?
- Where would I find out how to build an optimal box for it?
- I have an amp I can plug into it - but will I need a box to tell if it's blown?
Any other info or advice would be great. I'm shooting blind on this one, so any info you guys can give me would be great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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