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I have a 16 valve with a o ringed head. I want to take it off and have the head comlpetely worked, PP, bigger valve (what size are the stocks and what sizes are available) should I get shorted valve stems? I plan on running a lysholm on this motor with a decent cam so I dunno if i should stick with stock stems or go shorter, I think i would only have to go shorter if i was running a huge cam.
My main concern though is what if anything will happend when I take the head off? And go to put it back it? will it have to be RE O ringed? Do u think there will be alignment issues? Will I have to have it decked? The engine was just rebuilt and has about 50 miles on it. Does it get torqued down to stock specs? The guy that did it said he set it for 80lbs and just cranked on it. I think it was 80, so dont qoute me on that.
Also what are some good machine shops I can get head work done on the east cost, near Jersey. Thanks.
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