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Questions about S3 strut tower brace....

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since search is gone
Where can you get one from and how much do they run???
just looking at one and the way its mounted and fits and then comparing to the one I have that hasnt been installed yet... the S3 mounts look much more solid.
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Re: Questions about S3 strut tower brace.... (Rave'nGTi)

Dani, can't help you on this question, but can I request a before/after comparison on the ST brace as well.
I've heard about the strut towers being welded to the firewall and all, but I still hold out hope that there is no such thing as too much structural rigidity. I just need to know if there is enough of a difference to be worth the $ (and being in Canada, I have to pay that much more due to the S&H, brokerage fees, and taxes).
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