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Questions about VW's 15x7 Mambo wheels

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I recently called my local VW dealers parts department to get the following info about VW's Mambo wheel . . . size 15x7 and available over the counter for a retail of $145. One problem, they didn't have a listing as to the wheels offset and they didn't have one there to check. If you have this five spoke 15x7 5x100 wheel on your new Golf or Jetta I would love to know the offset 35,38,42? If you are not sure if you have the wheel go to http://www.vw.com and click on commerce and then car accessories, then alloy wheels . . . the second page has the Mambo wheel.
thanks in advance to anyone that can help, Kevin

[Modified by Kevin M Warner, 3:13 PM 11-27-2001]
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Re: Questions about VW's 15x7 Mambo wheels (Kevin M Warner)

Hey. I happen to own (and am selling) a brand new set of Mambo wheels. Not sure of the offset (think it's around 35), but they are a flat 5-spoke wheel and they do not stick out at all from the lip of the wheel. If interested, the wheels are only a week old and have less than 100 miles on them and are in perfect condition. Looking for $500. Let me know ...
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