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Maybe you could ask him about why they make the packages the way they do in USA? One must buy the Prestige package with the funky key & push button to get the other options, like memory seats, dimming side mirrors, rear Electric Sunshade & ADS. I did not want the key, but wanted the other features.

Also, why do all the S4s come with a sunroof? Seems pretty useless, adds weight & degrades the looks of the car (expecially Ibis).

Why are the silver mirror covers on the Titanium package, makes no sense?

The list of Audi exclusive colors is very difficult to find (such as Sepang, Suzuka, Sepang, Jet Blue) and is mostly a secret that it is even possible to much of the newer Audi community. They could make some improvements with better visibility on these options.

Also, it would be really nice, if Audi supported OEM aftermarket upgrades at the Audi dealer for things like Memory seats, ADS, Nav, side dimming mirrors. people are already doing this stuff. It would be nice to have an Audi approved method to get these upgrades done.
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