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Even though I have actually seen several Tourags, based on comments on this website I have a few questions.
1) Is there a slide cover that folds over the two storage pockets on the dash?
2) Explain how the rear seats fold down. We have an ML320 which is extremely difficult to operate. I do not mind taking off the headrest. With head rest off and seats down can you still move front seat most of the way back? Is the floor flat.
3) Are their small storage compartments in back?
4) Where is compass heading display?
5) For those who have had vehicle how restricted is the rear view in real use? We took out the center rear head rest on demo and unit helps. Our ML still seems to have a much better rear view. From your experience would we better off waiting three months to get parking distance feature?
By the way, the Touareg ride comfort over all on all road surfaces is far superior to the ML, ours is a 2002. It seems to even ride better than the X5 I have driven several times.
While the numbers support the T-reg V6 and ML have same accel, ML engine responds faster to accel inputs. I think in sport mode the T-reg come closer to ML.
Brakes on T-reg are fine when you get use to them. They are very sensitive like Amer cars. ML brakes works fine but opposite of sensitive and you need to get use to them also.
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Re: Questions?? (Bullwinkle)

1) No slide cover, I think it gives the touareg just a touch of the tough guy Xterra look without going over the top.
2) There is a leather pull strap on the bottom of the seat, pull that forward, remove headrest, pull latch and seat folds flat. It is just a tad tedious and surprising since my old '95 Explorer had only a latch to pull.
3) There are two compartments on back, one has a bit of room and the other is very small, that's where the cd changer goes.
4) I have Nav, it's integrated into the screen. Not sure if non-nav models have a compass. It's the coolest single screen on the nav system. It gives compass, heading, elevation, yaw, pitch, and shows how many degrees the wheels are turned. Very aviation like.
5) Removing the middle headrest is a must in this car. I went from a Sequoia so I find the view and parking much improved. I wouldn't need the parktronic but I suppose it's a nice idea if you do a lot of parallel parking.
6) Buy it, buy it now, do not wait, it's cool.
Oh yeah, I highly recommend the touareg!
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Re: Questions?? (S4inSoFla)

4) Non NAV models do have a compass in the spot just in front of the sunroof dial
5) Ditto. Can not see anything out the back with the middle headrest.
Re: Questions?? (S4inSoFla)

I have to assume that there was a safety consideration involved in the design
of the rear seat construction...as this is new and different from any other VW...
Re: Questions?? (vwguild)

My '00 Jetta rear seats fold down almost identically to the Touareg's. The only difference as far as I can see in the 'reg is that there seems to be an additional latching mechanism that is released when you put on the tab.
Re: Questions?? (mml7)

The NAV models also have the compass heading in the clock overhead.
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