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Quick HU install

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OK, I have my HU (Panasonic CDQ-601F) and my harness from the first time it was installed (HU had to be sent back). Can I just go ahead and take the stock HU out and connect the harness and slide the new HU in? or would it be wise to pay
to have it installed "right"? I wanna do it this afternoon......help guys.......
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Re: Quick HU install (1.8Tyrone)

If you have the adapter harness and everything,go for it!! It's going to be a little more work then just hook it up and slide it in,though.
Re: Quick HU install (1.8Tyrone)

the aftermarket harness colors are all the same you you might have to do some color matching but you passed kindergarden right? lol then just slide it in. vws are some of the easiest cars to do stereos in.
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