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Quick question, thanks.

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I am getting 18" x 7.5" rims. These rims have a 40 offset.
I will also be getting a 1.5" H&R drop...
Can someone suggest the longest spacer i can use without running into problems, with rubbing?
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Re: Quick question, thanks. (cdpxxx)

does anyone have an idea or opinion... i ask only becasue i want to buy the spacers soon so i can get them on when i put on the rims.
Re: Quick question, thanks. (cdpxxx)

sorry. can someone please post a sugesstion, or answer? thanks
Re: Quick question, thanks. (cdpxxx)

Try the Wheels and Tires Forum. I think the guy from The Tire Rack can answer you or anyone else on there.
Thats not an answer but a suggestion
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