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Re: Quick question: Will my stealership find out? (agarc)

quote:[HR][/HR]There's an entrance to a highway with a stop sign... You have to take off really quickly. Well, today I accidently got into the red zone... Got really close (maybe hit it) to 7000 rpm... I only noticed this as I shifted into second... I never intended to do this and was only there for a second. I've searched and determined that my engine is probably fine.. But I'm not sure if some sort of code was thrown or not...
Will my dealership find out? Do I really need to worry about this at all?
I tried the 1.8T forum and haven't gotten a response yet...
Don't people accidently do this all the time? Somebody tell me I'm totally overreacting (I tend to do this)...
BTW my engine is all stock[HR][/HR]​
Man, I bounce off the redline all the time (on accident of course). As long as it's not done frequently, you'll be fine. Just chill

If you are really worried about codes, though, get a VAG-COM so you can clear all the codes before you go into the dealership!
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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