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Quick Question...

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I'm looking to buy an exhaust system for my 2.sl0w, and I've decided to go with a TT Setup. My question is, is the Borla Muffler worth the extra 120 bucks? I would very much like to avoid the "BADA BING BING BING BADA BING" sounding type of exhaust, is that a problem with just the DynaMax Muffler? What do you guys advise?

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Re: Quick Question... (Krass95GLS)

my dynomax w/ the TT stainless setup sounds great ...nice rumble to it. Not American V8 rumble but it sounds good.
Re: Quick Question... (Eli)

I went TT budget and got the aluminum setup with the Dynomax. Nice growl to it. No where near rice sounding.
Re: Quick Question... (Krass95GLS)

I also have the aluminized TT w/Dynomax and love it. It has a nice growl, not too loud not too soft and certainly does't sound ricey.
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