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QUICK question

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did the audis come with an automatic locking mech when yo reach a certain speed? because it has never done it before, but as of late it has just been locking by its self when i start to drive, kinda weird.
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Re: QUICK question (bard90Q)

Car shouldn't lock on it's own. I did have a random issue with my B3 90q one summer where it would lock on it's own while driving at high speed (120+ km/h) on the highway. Never did find the source of the problem... eventually stopped doing it. Had nothing to do with the vacuum locking system.
Re: QUICK question (dtompsett)

yea. its really weird, it happens when i start the car, and today it did it when i closed the doors. im guessing one of them isnt unlocking all the way and its pulling them back into the lock position
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