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Today I was testing out my 034 silicone hose setup when I took it on GA400 when this 325 called me out. now I know that in my current state (spec wise) I dont have too much to offer in a full force HYW match, BUT my coupe does this strange thing where it gets a sudden burst of energy for like 1-3 Sec... and I think to my self F4ck YEAHH!! then it cuts back to normal (at least what I think is normal) then it does it again and again usually in the 4.5K-6k mark. :what: What the hell is that?? if it would stay that way all the time I'm sure I would have kicked his ass up and down the highway. when the surge comes on it pulls hard and I'm thrown back a little. It has done that since I got it

034 injector upgrade
034 silicone intake
Spectra cone
Synth 10w-30
All else stock
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