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Re: quick vid (vr6gti98)

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ehh.. pull him over too.


Quote, originally posted by Polizei_99 »

yeah the cops were jealous that thier cars werent as cool as mine

This is one funny thread.

Quote, originally posted by vr6gti98 »
usually when i have the problem i just ride their ass in a regular car and they get over. some people dont but most are like man im stupid im goin slow in the fast lane like a retard.

I don't know, I've been in the passenger seat when my dad's driving. Some people shouldn't even be allowed to drive. They just sit in the left lane going slow, so my dad passes them going at 85 in the right lane, then cuts them off. I laugh, my mom screams and yells, and my dad just continues his langauge.

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