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First, let me HIGHLY recommend QuickBoost to anybody who has converted from R12 to R134a. This stuff actually worked for me just as claimed. My lowest vent temp before adding QuickBoost was 49*. I could hit this bottom end in just about any ambient temp given enough time. I added the little can of Quick boost on Saturday (read below, I may have messed up big on Saturday and need some questions answered). Anyway, now my lowest vent temps are 43-44 degrees. That might not seem like a huge change but it is well over the 10% improvement they claim. So, if you've got a converted system, get some QuickBoost and enjoy the chill... OK, now for the possible problem and a few questions:
My Coupe GT has been retrofitted to R134a by a local wrench. He told me the system might be "slightly overfilled, but not enough to be a problem." Well, I checked the low side pressures over the weekend it was well over 50lbs. That too high for my comfort. So I bled off some and rechecked. Well, now it was too low. Grab a can, tap it and throw it in. It sucked in in in seconds flat. Something must be wrong I thought. Look the now empty can more closely and IT'S A 11.5 OZ CAN OF R134A OIL!!! Eeek! So now my system has the original oil the mechanic put in (11 oz according to the sticker) + 11.5 ox that I added! My understanding is that the extra oil will just accumulate at the bottom of the condenser or evaporator. Can anybody confirm which? Or is it both? Will it cause harm (like do I need to
have the system evacuated and recharged)? Also, how do my pressures look? Too high? Too low?
around 45 static (engine & AC off)
36 at idle
lowest I saw was 25-26 at WOT
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