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Quickly cleaning injectors?

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i bought 4 very used injectors today just wondering what i should use to clean them before they go in my car i heard that diesl fuel or atf fluid works(not sure wich one) also i was wondering if i should just soack them down in ether anyone have any suggestions there really dirty
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Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (Clownracer v2)

I heard bertelman's fuel injection cleaner is the shizz for manually cleaning you injectors. Can't get locally in Jersey though. You can try gum out injecter cleaner When the injector is off of the line use the small red straw that comes with the cleaner insert it tightly on the hose side of the injector and spray until the injector open. keep spraying until you get a fine spray pattern. After that spray wd-40 in there to lubricate the nozzle and then do the cleaner again. I did have trouble getting enough pressure from the gum out can, so maybe you should try another cleaner come to think about it. The wd-40 had enough pressure.
Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (Clownracer v2)

you've got em out? You can prolly bring em by a Bosch service center cheap. Most charges are for the labor of pulling and replacing parts. It's usually really cheap to bring a part in for treatment. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (Clownracer v2)

use a screwdriver...

I am interested in giving my injectors a good cleaning too. Anyone know where I can get a hold of that lil pump like think thats shown in the bentley for testing spary patterns? I bet forcing strait techron, or brake cleaner through em would do the trick.
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Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (Dieder)

Carb cleaner. Stick the straw in the inlet side and spray until the blockage comes free.
Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (red 5)

quote:[HR][/HR]Carb cleaner. Stick the straw in the inlet side and spray until the blockage comes free.[HR][/HR]​
Has anyone here been able to do this? Never seems like the carb cleaner has enough pressure for mine... I usually just end up doing italian tuneups.
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Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (negativl)

I would try and see if there is a shop around locally that will do it for you professionally and also they can check the flow rates and make sure they are equall.
Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (a2vwnick)

Not enough pressure when I tried the carb cleaner
So I just filled up the inside of the injector with carb cleaner and let it sit for 10-15 minutes. Seemed to do the trick (I used to have a leaky injector and it would start up lumpy sometimes)
Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (88Jetta)

yea bringing to a shop would be nice but a.im on a budget thats why i bought used injectors and b im on a time frame i need them clean by tommorow morning thanks for the replyes ill post some befor and after pics of the whole 16v swap tommorow or the next day
Re: Quickly cleaning injectors? (Clownracer v2)

Carb cleaner worked for me.
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