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R134a AC Low Side Pressures

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Does anybody know what the proper low side pressures would be for an automotive AC system that has been converted from R12 to R134a? Or know where I can get a chart of pressure versus ambient temperature for a properly charged system?
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Re: R134a AC Low Side Pressures (duandcc)

Nobody knows anything about AC?
Re: R134a AC Low Side Pressures (duandcc)

quote:[HR][/HR]Nobody knows anything about AC?[HR][/HR]​
Well, this IS the car lounge (damn, I've been here too long if I start to sound like another car lounge cynic).
I think I remember your air conditioning plight a while ago. I looked at the service manual for my Audi and it said the low-pressure valve would cut off the A/C system if the pressure was below 1.1 bar (16psi absolute). It never said what a normal charge would be, but it said that the valve would close a circuit (i.e. normal operation) in the range of ~2bar to ~2.6bar, which is somwhere around 30 to 40 psi absolute.
Bottom line: if it's below atmospheric pressure (1bar), it's too low.
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