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Daniel, good to see your creation on here! Still gives me goosebumps.

I drove a mildly tuned (~255 hp, delimited), otherwise stock R32 two days ago for my first time ever. Been waiting to drive one awhile now.

I live at 6000'. There were 3 of us, skiis, a bike on the roof, and a car full of luggage. 180,000 miles on the car, too. I've badly blown out my left knee and am 5 days post-op (can't shift), so I sat in the passenger's seat with the VAGCOM in my lap looking at numbers. My friend who was test driving it for me turned on to the I-80 onramp and hit it, and ...

...I was ruined because I got to drive Danny's R about 18 months ago. It is significantly faster than a slightly modified gas R32.

The bad. I am less excited about buying an R32. Not much, but a little.
The good. I really want to build an .:R TDI now:laugh:

See you June 21-22, San Pablo, CA TDI GTG!
61 - 67 of 67 Posts
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