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Did you ever finish this swap? Would like to do this to mine over the winter, and would really appreciate any more info you have before I start blindly ordering parts!

Shifter & Trim: I read on another forum that the TT shifter assembly was slightly different so that engaging 6th gear doesn't interfere with the circulr ring trim piece on the TT. Wondering if you ever confirmed that the TT console fits over the R32 shifter.

Axles: My understanding is that
1) Stock TT DSG Axles are the incorrect inner flange for the 02M, but correct outer hub style
2) Stock R32 are correct inner flange for 02M, but incorrect outer hibstyle
3) TT225? Correct inner and correct outer? What about their length?!

Transmission Mount: On my TT, I bought a MK4 R32 Trans (6MT) Mount AND a MKV R32 DSG mount from VF Engineering. I was able to make a hyrbid out of the two that utilized the 2-bolt frame rail base, and a 3-bolt DSG trans bracket. I had to add a small (about 5mm) spacer between the DSG trans and the VF bracket to keep the height in check. otherwise the trans would be too high/rise too much. I am wondering now if you had a similar issue with running the TT225 trans mount or not since I had to adjust for height in my project. Maybe you did not, since its all TT family stuff in your case. Either way I would be curious to know more. Since I still have the other half of my mk4 bracket, Im hoping I can just swap it out for my swap.

Looks like you found a MK4 R32 ECU, which I am assuming you'll need to IMMO defeat or have matched to your car's cluster VS having your stock 3/2 TT DSG ecu recoded for manual. Anything else you can share about what needs to change on the wiring side outside of the ECU swap? Such as...
1) Clutch position switch?
2) Starter Interlock?
3) Reverse trigger wire?
4) What to do with the DSG mechatronic harness? (tape or cut out?)
5) New cluster or does coding it out take care of the gear display?

Did you source a new steering wheel w/o paddles? Just curious :)

Pedal Assembly - looks like the R32 ones bolt up. Did you swap over all three pedals or just simply add the clutch and change the brake lever to the smaller one?

I think thats all I have in my brain at the moment, lol. While we are on the topic though - anyone see this car on BaT last week? It is an HPA car, but it has a 6spd swap.....
21 - 22 of 22 Posts
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