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Rabbit center dash vents - what was the verdict about weak air flow?

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Some weeks ago a thread was started about cause of weak air flow from the center dash vents was. I recall some "mine too" posts, but did anyone find the cause?
I'm about to revamp/restore my A/C in project GTI and of course, both my Rabbit GTIs have the wimpy air in the middle vents.
I recall my Rabbit GTI in the mid 80's had great air flow from all the vents, and friggin' ice cold A/C.
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check the vacuum control unit for the hvac stuff (inside the dash) it has numerous color coded plastic vac lines attached(hopefully anyway) to it that control the opening/closing of the various vent configurations, when you move the selector from defrost to vent to heat etc you can hear the vacuum noise from the unit ....maybe some of the lines have become detached or damaged.....one possibility anyway, good luck!
while you are in there, make sure to check the 'servo' that controls the flap - all my vacuum lines where good, but the rubber on the back of the servo had dried and cracked; I was getting vacuum to the the servo fine, it was the servo that was shot.
Re: Rabbit center dash vents - what was the verdict about weak air flow? (GTI aficionado)

Thanks, guys!
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