Porsche is issuing a challenge to all Forza 7 players, offering one gamer the chance to take the step into reality at Porsche's Master Cup Training in Barcelona.

T o enter you just have to enter a lap time from your home, to Forza's "Rival" mode . Enter your time in a 911 GT3 RS at this website before August 7 and be one of the 48 fastest people on earth to enter stage two of the competition.

Stage two will divide the best 48 into four groups of 12, who will play off in a best of two free-for-all on August 11. The best six players from each group will then play off on August 12.

The players, again, will be divided into groups of 12, with best four from each group (in a best of three free-for-all) heading to Gamescon. 

On August 22, the 8 will face off at Gamescom in Cologne. After another round of competition, the top four will be given driver training, in Liepzig, Germany on August 27. 

They will then be invited to the Hungaroring Grand Prix track in Hungary for the final round of competition. The four players will face off on a Porsche simulator and the one with the fastest lap time will win entry to the Porsche Master Cup Training in Spain.

A 17,000 euro value ($20,000-ish), the Porsche Master Cup Training course takes place over two days, in which time drivers are lent a 911 GT3 RS or Cup car and taught to drive on slicks.

Normally, the course is only open to people with a Master Licence and limited to 16 people per session, since each driver is also given an engineer and teacher to drive with.