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hi friends, i have a 2005 jetta GLI 1.8t
which the cooling fans are not turning on, not even when i turn the Ac on..
the car is DO NOT OVERHEAT, i drove it from denting Florida to Dallas texas with the fans not working! and it deesn't over heat unless i get stock in the traffic and the car is not moving!
i already replace the radiator, The cooling Fans, The thermo state, The temperature sensor:4 pins. I replace the Ac control Module that its under the battery.. The other themp Sensor that is attach to the raditor!!!! all the fuses seems to be good, even the one's that are on a bod on top of the battery i already remove and swich fuse places couple times....
so im at the point that i don't have any more ideas, neither money... i need the AC to be working, please help...
thank you amigos....:screwy::screwy::screwy::screwy::screwy: IM GOING CRAZY
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