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Radiator Fan runs with defroster on?

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My SLC was overheating and I noticed that the fans weren't running at all, so I checked the fan switch and I think it needs replaced. I put 12V on one of the outputs and the fans ran fine. The other output didn't do anything, but it is routed through the control module and the car wasn't even on. While playing around with it I also noticed that the fans would run with the heat and the defrosters on with the car on, but not the dash vents or floor vents. Does anyone know why this is?
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Re: Radiator Fan runs with defroster on? (vwvr6vw)

The A/C runs when the defrost is on to dry out the air and help clear the windshield faster. Anytime theA/C is on the fan is on.
Re: Radiator Fan runs with defroster on? (LysholmG60)

^^^true, oh so true!^^^
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