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Radiator fluid leaked, Help!!

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Hi everybody!! I gotta a problem with loosing my radiator fluid. Smell is strong but no physical evidence of steams. I noticed fluids are oozing out from the 2 sensors(black, and blue plugs) that sits on the pipe that go from the radiator to the block. I opened them up and it seem very obvious that how the 2 sensors can keep the 2 openings tightly closed once thing heats up. My question is should there be a special washer or any type of sealant to prevent the radiator fluid from sipping out from the 2 sensors. Your help and suggestion is appreciated. Thanks!
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Re: Radiator fluid leaked, Help!! (CuRide)

There should be orings on the end of each sensor to prevent this from happening. Also the green clips hold them in place on the thermostat housing.
Re: Radiator fluid leaked, Help!! (BlauSlc92)

Thanks for reply BlauSlc92 !
Where can I get these o-rings, from dealer?? How much and is there other alternative place where I can purchase them? http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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