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Radio Filler Plate

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There was a post wwaayyyy back in the summer about a filler plate that went where the radio is. Does anyone know the part number for this plate?
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Re: Radio Filler Plate (DriveVW4Life)

try to find seanowen. He has one and knows the p#.
'course other ppl know it too I'm sure
Re: Radio Filler Plate (Tornado Wolfie)

This info is from a post by shawnoen...

factory VW DIN plate #191-857-231B

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Re: Radio Filler Plate (phatvw1)

Thanks. http://****************.com/smile/emthup.gif
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Re: Radio Filler Plate (DriveVW4Life)

got one - want it?
Re: Radio Filler Plate (nicholasp)

thought there was also a part that was like a little cubby hole that held things kinda like where the power window switches would be in a crank window car... you know what i mean?
Re: Radio Filler Plate (eightvalvejettacarat)

You mean like the cubby hole in the center console?
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