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radio power problem (post#2)...

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Ooops. Might have posted this in the wrong forum earlier. Anyway, here is my radio problem. I have a 1994 jetta vr6 with the stock stereo system (tape deck, no cd changer). Recently the power to the radio comes and goes as it pleases...and stays off more than it stays on. I've checked the fuses and connections in the back of the head unit and everything seems fine. Any suggestions regarding this power problem? Is the head unit fried? Everything else works well. Thanks.
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Re: radio power problem (post#2)... (94jettavr6)

1) Is the memory for the radio retained?
2) Something you may want to do is run a new power line from the fuse panel (you can get a fuse tap and the wire at radio shack) and see if that cures your problem... In other words, make sure it is the deck.
Re: radio power problem (Ringo)

Thanks, I'll give it a shot.
Re: radio power problem (post#2)... (94jettavr6)

I had this problem in my Rabbit so I just re-wired everything. I now have my constant running straight off my battery and it works great. Easy fix...
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