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I bought a 04 V8 Touareg rouglhly a month ago. One wierd thing that doesnt seem to be fixed is whenever i turn my rear defroster on with the radio on, all i receive i static. I hear a clicking noise when i do so. I had the dealership check it out when i bought it about a week later, but as we all know when they look at it, it does not happen

I drove off and everything seemed to be fine. The next morning when i start it up all i get is static yet again.
The wierd thing now is everything seems to be fine until i hit 25mph, than i hear the clicking noise and static galore. This is both on FM and AM stations. I am bringing it back to the dealership as i have the message about my gear fault. Not sure how that happened. I have the air suspension and was driving over some train tracks at roughly 25 mph and i hear what sounded like a bottle breaking full of liquid. Everything i thought was fine until i get that message. It sounds like my passanger front wheel is leaking maybe? I have no pressure and the car does not change its ride height. I have abought 36k miles on it, do you know if the standard warranty will cover this form the factory? I bought a extended plan that i think may cover this if the factory warranty does not. Any ideas??
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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