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Hello VWVortex members!!

My name is Cannon, and I am representing RAI Motorsport.

I spoke with our fabrication dept and demanded we give the forum members some deals on exhaust systems already!

So here we go! I'm allowed to offer you all $50.00 off our MK6 and MK5 downpipe systems.

Just a little background on us here at RAI.
For those of you that dont know about us, We are a full German auto maintenance, performance, and R&D Fabrication shop located in Baltimore MD.

We pride ourselves in absolute perfection and to not sacrifice cost for quality.

All of our metals,flanges, nuts bolts ect are all the highest standards.
All exhaust systems are fully hand tig welded IN HOUSE out of 304 Stainless steel. Our turbo flanges are locally made and are water jet cut to the exact diameter of the output of the turbo.

I am really trying to paint a picture of the amount of time and heart that goes into making any RAI branded piece.


Anyway.. Heres the real business of this thread..

In any turbocharged vehicle, airflow is important. The 2.0T is a perfect example of what a proper downpipe can do in terms of performance, gas mileage, and turbo spool. We make these pipes in-house to ensure our quality standards and they have a limited lifetime warranty.

- Eliminates the restriction of the OEM Cat, Reduces turbulence and increases velocity of exhaust gases, resulting in faster spool and smother power delivery.
- Works with stock exhaust/any aftermarket Cat Back Exhaust.
- 100% Developed, Tested, and Produced in the USA. Balitmore, MD to be exact.
- Optional third o2 sensor bung available for Wideband applications

Technical Specs.

* 100% TIG Welded
* 304 Mandrel Bent Stainless Steel tubing
* 304 Stainless Steel flanges
* 304 Stainless Steel O2 Bung for Primary O2 Sensor
* 304 Stainless Steel Threaded Spacer to aid in Eliminating CEL

AVAILABLE OPTIONS (Choose Option Under Price):
-Metal Core Catalytic Converter (add $150.00)
-3rd O2 Bung for Wideband Guages (add $20.00)

Here is a picture of the downpipe with an optional HFC installed

Every Downpipe comes with the gaskets, nuts and washers to install the exhaust.

If you seem like the kind of person that would like this type of product on your car, then heres what you need to do!

First off, CLICK HERE
Select what options would want to add to the exhaust system.
Then add to cart,
When you are checking out there will be a box to type in a coupon code.
Enter the code CANNON50

Then it will show you the $50 dollar discount off the system! Thats it! Easy!

If there are ANY questions what so ever, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

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