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Rain Sensor wipers -for thoes who did not know

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I did not figure this out for a year -so I am sure there are other out there who have the same question - how (if at all) do the rain sensor wiper work?
Here's what I did yesterday (it was raining very very lightly). I switched my wipers to the first position and the little switch on top of the knob to extreme left. After doing a couple of swipes (i guess to set itself) -the wipers did not swipe till the windshield was full of rain drops. After that I left it at that setting and drove about 30 miles without any rain and the wipers did not swipe at all (because there was no water on the windshield). What i have now done is leave the wiper switch at that setting -and I am waiting to see if they would work (automatically) when the windshield gets wet next time.
As i said - its for thoes who did not already know this.
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Re: Rain Sensor wipers -for thoes who did not know (amrishgoyal)

The auto sensing feature shuts off when you turn off the car, so if you leave it in that position, they will NOT wipe the next time you are driving in the rain unless you switch them to off and then back to the first position.
This is stated in your owners manual.
Re: Rain Sensor wipers -for thoes who did not know (amrishgoyal)

Here's a description of how the Raintronic works: http://www.hella.com/produktion/Hel...rDriversAccessories/Raintronic/Raintronic.jsp
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