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raising the compression on a 2.0 to stay N/A

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if you did it, how....anything other than shaving the head ?
And how much did it cost ? WHere ? How much did you raise ? ANd what did it do for you ? Where was your gains - low/high.....and, would you recommend it along with anything else ?
Whooooosh, I sound like a machine huh ? Well, just post your "EXPERIENCE" on this, not just thoughts please.
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Re: raising the compression on a 2.0 to stay N/A (1fastmk3)

I have mine shaved. Compression should be around 10.5:1. I think it was something like $35 or so. The reason i got it done was because the head was off and i figured if i could pick up a couple extra hp there i would do it. As far as gains from the milling itself, i couldn't tell you, the head was put back on with a header and a cam. But if you have the head of your car and you are planning on doing a P&P or anything like that i would definetly get it done.
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