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I have had my car for about 6 months now and have noticed that the drivers side door has acquired an internal rattle. it seems to be getting more prominent as time passes.. do any other vortexers have / had this problem, is that considered a wear and tear item?... thanks for any help
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Re: rattle (Duoflex)

if that is the only rattle u have consider yourself fortunate. i get a new one ever couple of weeks. it is really a shame, as i really like everything else about my car but it has ALOT of small annoying rattles.
Re: rattle (Duoflex)

Is it a rattle or a creak? I get a creaking sound every time I accelerate or break, or do any action that causes my GTI to lean forward or back. The only explanation I have heard is that it's the door shifting in it's frame, and the rubber seals rub each other, making the creak. It's a very common problem in two door VW's. If you have an actual rattle however... I'm no help whatsoever.
Re: rattle - My rattle mystery solved...

I've had my Jetta for 2 months now... About 3 weeks ago I noticed a rattle coming from the front passenger side door/window. It is the only rattle, but it is getting annoying. I recently figured out what it was though and will have it fixed during my 5K checkup: the black casing where the top of the window fits into is not completely sealed to the metal frame of the door. The window itself fits securely. There is barely any movement at all, but it's just enough to cause a rattle when I'm going over slightly bumpy roads.
Re: rattle - My rattle mystery solved... (agarc)

Can you describe the rattle you fixed? I can't pinpoint my rattles from the front doors, but I'm thinking it has something to do with the alignment of the door and the contact with the door seals. I'm not sure if it's from the windows.
Rattle in door

You will soon find out that rattles and creaks are a common complaint with the Mk IVs. But nearly all can be fixed easily.
I thought my driver's door was creaking (it got progressively worse, like yours). It turned out to be the hinge which needed some grease. That solved the problem. You should also grease the striker plate (pin) and the latch on a regular basis.
I would discourage you from altering or attempting to adjust the hinge or striker plate in an effort to quiet this creak. I've heard others tell how after a dealership adjusted them the creak was worse than before. I doubt any adjustment is necessary since these cars are fairly rigid and any creaking is not likely to be from the doors settling or sagging. I would suggest greasing everything on the door that moves and to condition all rubber seals with light silicone dressing to quiet creaking caused by the door itself rubbing against the rubber weatherstripping.
Good luck.
Re: Rattle in door (Lumalux)

Yeah, I had the same thing happening on my 2K Jetta
In my case, the rattling/squeaking were all happening as a result of the same
things - both the door latches/pins and the hinges needed to be lubricated. I
used this stuff from Würth that sets-up sorta firm, in hopes of keeping
things tighter. I also wrapped a bit of electrical tape on each of the door pins,
again, in the interest of tightening the whole shabang up a little. After several
weeks, it's all held-up nicely, and I don't get that rattle/creak everytime the
car's pitch shifts. A nice side-effect is that the rear doors close really tight
now. We'll see if this is in any way permanent, but for now, it seems to be
working pretty well.
Good luck.
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Re: rattle (Duoflex)

I also have a rattle on the driver door. Can this be fixed under warranty?
Re: rattle (J01)

quote:[HR][/HR]I also have a rattle on the driver door. Can this be fixed under warranty?[HR][/HR]​
You bet it can, just take it in and tell 'em that the door has a rattle, they'll fix it. Unfortunatly it'll probably come back 2 weeks later..

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Re: rattle (Smartass)

I had the same rattle. It was the black casing not mounted to the door properly. The dealer fixed it in about 10 mins.
Re: rattle (Duoflex)

I've had a couple of rattles in my Jetta since I bought it less than 2 months ago. I've had the one on the drivers door and also one in the rear on the passenger side.

My car is currently in the shop for the 4th time trying to get these problems solved. They cannot seem to fix either one! They did have the one on the drivers door for about 2 weeks but adjusting the striker pin, but it came back and they never have been able to get the rear one.
Re: rattle (Duoflex)

My door/window rattles when it is only a 1/4 or 1/2 way down...it doesnt do it when its fully down. It just recently started doing this in the past few weeks...sux.
Re: rattle - My rattle mystery solved... (agarc)

Good luck getting this fixed. My rattles showed up at about 900 miles. Seems like the roof rubber piece that seals the top of the door rubs the door, especially when its cold. If the vehicle sits in the sun for a bit, it seems to go away, that old expansion thing. I took mine in to get it fixed and they said my car was much better than most. Whatever that means....Please let me know if they aleviate your issues.
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