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Hi All,
Any help in diagnosing the following noise would be appreciated. Thanks!
Recently, my car has been making a rattling noise under load from idle to around 1600 rpm. The rattling noise goes away above about 1600 or 1700 rpm, about when the turbo starts to spool. There is no rattling sound when I rev the engine in neutral...the sound only occurs when the car is in gear (or while engaging the clutch) and while depressing the gas pedal. The noise seems to be the loudest when the engine is cold, although it doesn't go away completely even after the engine has warmed up. I've also noticed that the rattling is significantly louder when the AC is on.
The engine otherwise runs and idles fine. I should also note that I generally keep the engine speed above 2000 rpm when driving to avoid lugging the engine. Therefore, I usually only hear the noise when I am accelerating from a stop in 1st gear.
Also, the noise is hard to describe. At first, I thought it might be pinging or missing, but I'm not sure. The dealer found no problems with the car at my last oil change. Thanks!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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