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Scirocco Limited Edition 1.4 TSI 122 CV
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Hi all,

Some weeks ago I noticed that my 1.4 TSI 122 CV Scirocco started rattling when idle. The sound came from the glove box and disappeared as soon as the revs went up.

After some searchs I found a post in which someone suggested to check the canister and its lines. I found out that the rattling depended on the position of this part so when I moved it the noise ended. I didn't manage to put it in its normal position so I had to use some cable ties to fix it. The point is that I would like to know how is this part called so I can ask the car dealer about it.

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Any hint about this part's name and purpose? It is a tube which comes from the canister and ends in a metal piece.

In case someone has the same problem, this is the post I mentioned:

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