We've all been there, right? You really want a fun older car, but your other half can only picture a money pit parked in your driveway. Do we have the car for you: this week's Ratty Rescue is just $800. Send your loved one the link to the $35,000 Cabriolet to show what this car could be worth. "This 1990 Cabriolet is $34,200 less than the other one! It's a steal!" This is just a sound investment. Wink.
If you try this foolproof approach, avoid the details. Don't mention this car has a lot more miles than our recent Find Of The Day. Since the ad doesn't list this figure, you don't have to lie, so that's another plus. Yes, it needs work. But not a lot of work. "Honey, we'll be driving this car around town in no time" you can say.

You'll need to start with the fuel system. The seller says a system flush is needed. A new fuel filter is a must. And the gas tank may need to be replaced. Hopefully, the person you sleep next to is unfamiliar with the subtext of the phrase "ran when parked."

Yes, it will need a new convertible top. New vinyl is often the price of admission on older Cabriolets. This one's functional, but rather unsightly.

Finally, a good interior scrubbing/steaming and a paint buffing could really spruce the car up. Heck, maybe a deep cleaning could be a great project to tackle as a couple. "See, we can do this together! We're bonding!"

We're sure there are a lot more things this car will need: brakes, brake fluid flush, coolant flush, new timing belt, tires, etc. But for only $800, it's a solid little car that's very worthy of a restore/refresh.

For more information, take a look at the ad on TheSamba.com . This 1990 Cabriolet is located in the (Game-of-Thrones-sounding) Midlothian, Virginia - west of Richmond. Surely your spouse will see what a great opportunity this is and will jump at the chance to make some serious coin.

If nothing else, you can sleep under the stars when you put the top down on your new apartment/tiny home.

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