Honestly, it would be unnecessary and unkind to call this 1985 1.8-liter GTI ratty, but there are a couple of things that qualify the car for this series.

Despite looking pretty good, the GTI is showing signs of its age. The paint is, apparently, a little tired and there are some signs of a repaint, the grille was glued in place (so think long and hard before you decide to replace it), and according to the seller, the brakes need some work—which is exactly the kind of problem that sounds simple, but can turn out to be a real headache.

But really these are all trifling issues and if things fall your way, you could reasonably have this little GTI daily driving this summer.

So, is it really ratty? Probably not. With a little more work you could have a pretty clean ride and, since it’s a California car, it’s a pretty good candidate for a project car if you're willing to invest a little more work still.

So, what qualifies this car as a ratty rescue? Mainly the $2,500 price tag. Admittedly, that’s not an insignificant sum on its own, but when you consider it against all the car you’re getting its significance starts to shrink pretty quickly.

Check it out at The Samba dot com.