If you liked this week's Find Of The Day and it has you dreaming of making your own "widebody" Golf R, here's the car for you. This is the lowest-priced R out there.* And with just a tiny amount of love, this Ratty Rescue could be yours.

Ratty Rescues can be a bit tough to track down. We want to bring you a car with lots of potential that's also within the grasp of the average buyer. And finding cars that enthusiasts desire adds a whole other dimension to the hunt. So when we find a performance car for a cheap price, we have to pass it along to our readers. This 2012 Golf R fits the bill: all-wheel-drive with 300 horsepower, and only $14,300.

This R is close to stock. It has all the typical R amenities: heated leather seats, sunroof, Climatronic, etc. But this one has a few upgrades. Inside it appears to have an aftermarket head unit. And there's a non-OEM shift knob. It also sits on a lowered suspension, but what that consists of is anybody's guess. Finally, the Golf R wheels have been swapped out for Jetta GLI "Bathurst" ones.

Since this is a Ratty Rescue, there are some issues with the car. First, this R has 111,000 miles. For a six-year-old car that equates to 18,500 miles a year. Let's hope that's mostly freeway use. Second, there's a dent on the passenger front fender. It's not terrible, but it does detract from the condition. Third, those wheels. They're not one of VW's better recent designs. And finally, the lowered suspension; is it a "good" setup or a "kidney busting" one?

But overall, if you're looking for a decent R, this is quite the bargain. This 2012 MKVI Golf R is located in (the very British sounding) North Chelmsford, Massachusetts. Take a look at the cars.com  ad for more information.

*We did find one additional MKVI Golf R that was less: here's a 2013 R with only 79,000 miles on copart.com. Current bid: $1850. That damage will buff out.