One man's abandoned project can be another man's gain. In today's Ratty Rescue, we take a look at an unfinished pile of potential and hope that someone comes and rescues this gem.

There's magic in three little letters. Any Volkswagen hatch with GTI on the tailgate is a ton of fun. From it's inception, the engineers in Wolfsburg took a basic car and turned it into something special. But many a young man or woman has looked upon the already great car and has dreamed of taking it further. This is one such car.


Before we go on, this car is a bit of a mystery. The current owner, a VWVortex member, states there's not much he knows about the car. So let's start with the obvious: the owner dumped the original 8V engine and bolted in a high-revving 1.8L 16 valve unit. Not a bad start. The previous owner then added a turbocharger and a large intercooler. Now we're talking, right? This is all bolted up to a stout 2Y 16V transmission. Additionally, the battery is now in the trunk (probably to make way for all that piping), the car sits on lowering springs, and it has disc brakes all around - the fronts have cross-drilled rotors.

The downside? The car has a 'miss' sometime back and the current owner has only tried to start it with little success. The engine did turn over, but the seller thinks it's not getting spark or ECU information.


The upside beyond a blown-on 16-valve engine? The rest of the car is in great shape. Don't let that "overspray" on the outside fool you: it's just plasti-dip that needs a quick scrubbing. For a car in the Midwest, there's not a spot of rust on it. And take a look at the interior! Have you seen a MK2 GTI with intact bolsters on the driver's seat with no wear? It's almost shocking.

So if you're mechanically inclined, and are looking for a screaming deal on a (potentially) screaming hatch, this is the car for you. This 1991 GTI is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, and the seller is asking $1500. Act fast! If the car doesn't sell by November 1, it will be parted out, which will be a shame. You can find this car in the MK2 forums here on VWVortex .