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Raylle Lights.. where can i get them?

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Anyone know any sites i can order sum raylle lights? and of course for the cheapest around!!!
....thanks ahead of time
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Re: Raylle Lights.. where can i get them? (A2GTI_8V)

Awesome Gti are wank, their prices for most things are waaaayyyy too high. Over-inflated ideas of their own importance - IMO of course. Their shipping prices are through the roof too - try going to www.royalmail.co.uk to see the actual cost of shipping. If you need a postcode to put in use DD1 4NF, it's a scottish code but the prices are the same for shipping from anywhere in the UK.
German Car Company are cool tho, nice guys to deal with. C+R enterprises (I think I got the name right!) are also good. They're all in PVW and will all ship to the US. Rallye lights are typically £400 ($600 ish) for the full set, and you can take 17.5% off that if you are non-UK resident. Add your own import taxes.....
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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